Item Code
Model Description
MB104420 MBAL 10X4-420 4ftx2000mm
MB104620 MBAL 10X4-620 6ftx2000mm
MB104820 MBAL 10X4-820 8ftx2000mm
MB1041020 MBAL 10X4-1020 8ftx2000mm
MB1041220 MBAL 10X4-1220 12ftx2000mm
** Motor : AC 120V, AC220V, DC24V available
** Adaptor : Coupling connector, 45 degree, 90degree available
** Barket : a pair
NO Cabinet Lenght Type Motor Application Fabric Lenght Remark
1 L1875 A-TYPE Tubelar-motor SINGLE L1830  
B-TYPE Non Tubelar-Motor JOINT L1855  
2 L2500 C-TYPE Tubelar-motor SINGLE L2455  
D-TYPE Non Tubelar-Motor JOINT L2480  
3 L3125 E-TYPE Tubelar-motor SINGLE L3080  
F-TYPE Non Tubelar-Motor JOINT L3105  
4 L3750 G-TYPE Tubelar-motor SINGLE L3705  
H-TYPE Non Tubelar-Motor JOINT L3730  

1. When you install cabinets L3750+2500+1875
   Please install Night blinds : L3750,G-TYPE + L2500,D-TYPE + L1875,B-TYPE
2. For the single cabinet 3750
   L3750 G-TYPE
3. Max. of operating length by one tubular motor is 60ft.